Amira Bouroui case: President Tebboune recalls his ambassador from France

9 FEB, 2023

By Monu Jha

Deeper mine clearance, outstretched arms, smaller steps, and other attempts at appeasement were not enough: nothing helped, with tensions still high between Algiers and Paris.

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune decided on 8 February to recall his ambassador to France "for consultations".

Emphasizing that Algeria, through an official note, "protests strongly against the clandestine and illegal infiltration of an Algerian national into France",

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune ordered the recall of the Algerian ambassador to France, Sayed Moussi, with immediate effect", specified the presidency.

Arriving in Tunisia on 3 February, Amira Bouroui was "arrested when she was trying to board a flight to France with her French passport", Me Badr explained.

The 46-year-old doctor, after training, was placed in pre-trial custody until he appeared before a judge on February 6, who ruled for his release, adjourning his case to February 23, they said.

Despite the judge's decision, the journalist was taken to a border police station in Tunis with a view to "being deported to Algiers".

Contacted, the Tunisian Interior Ministry was unable to confirm or deny this information. Similarly, the French Foreign Ministry was not available to answer questions.