Cyril Hanouna-Louis Boyard case: C8 gets heavy fine

10 FEB, 2023

By Monu Jha

"You're shit", "fool", "scoundrel", "buffoon" Violent insults against Louis Boyard, deputy insurers of La France and former columnist of the C8 program.

Arcom (formerly CSA) imposed a fine of 3.5 million euros on Thursday against the C8 channel, which belongs to the Vivendi group controlled by Vincent Bollore and his family.

The audiovisual regulator specifically held that Cyril Hanouna's words "violated the guest's rights, his honor, and his reputation, in defiance of the terms of Articles 2-3-4 of the service agreement".

It is a projection of the young deputy of La France against Vivendi of C8 and Vincent Bollore, owner of the Canal+ group,

which in turn earned him an attack in a good position from the presenter and in a pack against the chosen one to defend his employer. "Stop telling yourself this!

Such a fool if you are a deputy, it is thanks to us, ”said Cyril Hanouna specifically. A good ranking for ratings, but "disrespectful to the public debate and those present on set", according to National Assembly Speaker Yael Braun-Pivet.

The fine comes five years after C8 was fined 3 million euros following other comments from Cyril Hanouna. The presenter of Touche Not At My Post made a hoax deemed homophobic.

If Arcom has not suspended the program nor withdrawn the broadcast authorization of the channel, two extremely rare cases,