Rep Angie Craig attacked in DC apartment building

10 FEB, 2023

By Monu Jha

His chief of staff, Nick Coe, said the attack did not appear to be politically motivated.

According to a statement from Coe, he was injured in the attack in the building's elevator at around 7.15 am.

According to the police report, the assailant punched Craig on the chin and grabbed his neck and the congressman threw his hot coffee to defend himself before the assailant fled.

Craig told reporters on Capitol Hill on Thursday that he had had a rough morning, but did not elaborate.

Rape. Yvette Clark (DN.Y.) called the incident "terrible" and praised Craig as a legislator.

Craig's chief of staff said that D.C. The Metropolitan Police Department responded immediately to the scene. Hill has contacted the MPD for more information.

“Violence is becoming all too common in our country, and it breaks my heart,”